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31 January, 2015
Light Engineering Industrial Town at Bhola

Second week of February, 2015
Macro Economic Policy Convergence

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Road Show in England, Netherlands & France

3rd week of April, 2015
Road Show in Japan

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The pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh has developed fast. Originally set up to cater for local needs as a manufacturer of patent medicines, the industry now exports drugs to highly regulated markets. Expansive international companies have established operations in the country as they seek to grow, promote exports, drive down manufacturing costs, and undertake research and development into reverse engineering of patented medicines.


Sector Highlights


Flourishing opportunities in this sector are pharmaceuticals, patented medicines manufacture, active pharmaceutical ingredients production, generic pharmaceuticals. The main advantages for investing in Bangladesh are:


  • Highly skilled work force and internationally competitive cost base, with high quality management resources fluent in English.
  • Ideal regulatory and tariff environment.
  • Excellent geographical location close to emergent economic giants of China and India.
  • Significant potential for research and development, contract research outsourcing and clinical trials development.
  • Quality tertiary education producing a plentiful supply of top flight scientific talent.