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ICT and business services in Bangladesh is a vibrant sector supported by an enthusiastic culture and a government committed to providing a pro-business climate for all investors. Over 400 IT companies are now thriving in the country supplying to local and international markets worldwide.

  Industry at a Glance

No. of Registered Software & ITES Companies                                                                   800+



No. of BASIS Member Companies

458 (as of July 2011)


Approx. Revenue of Local Industry (incl. Export) (Does not include sales amount of imported software)

Tk. 1,800 crore (US $ 250 million)

Approx. Revenue from Software

Tk. 790 crore

Approx. Revenue from ITES

Tk. 1050 crore

Export (2010 - 2011)

US $ 45.31 Million

No. of Exporting Companies* (Only registered companies.

Does not include no. of freelancers)

US $ 45.31 Million

No. of Export Destination Countries


No. of Export Destination Countries


Approx. No. of Human Resource Employed in the Industry

30,000 +


IT Industry in Bangladesh

            Though the current size of Bangladesh IT Industry and software/ITES industry in particular is still lot smaller compared to the overall economy and the number of population (over 150 million), over the last few years the industry has grown considerably and is expected to grow at that rate for some time. It is estimated that during the last five years the average yearly growth rate of software & ITES industry has been over 40%. The growth has been driven by both good export trends in recent years as well as the growing IT automation demand in domestic market (local demand has been led by large automation projects by telecom, banking sector and export oriented garments/textile industry). Currently there are over five hundred (500+) registered software and ITES companies in the country employing over 20,000 ICT professionals. Out of these companies, around 60% are mainly domestic market focused while 40% are mainly export focused (significant number of companies work for both local and export clients).

Total estimated IT Industry Size: US$ 120 Million (including export)


  IT Workforce in Bangladesh

 No. of IT professionals working within the IT Industry : 20,000 +


No. of IT professionals working outside IT Industry (including business enterprises, govt. telecom, NGOs etc.): 35,000 +


Yearly no. of graduates from IT related subjects: 5,500+