Upcoming Events

31 January, 2015
Light Engineering Industrial Town at Bhola

Second week of February, 2015
Macro Economic Policy Convergence

Last week of March, 2015
Road Show in England, Netherlands & France

3rd week of April, 2015
Road Show in Japan

interactive map of boi

Entrepreneurs requiring industrial land for setting up a facility in any industrial area/estate apart form BEPZA* and BSCIC* land, should approach BOI, indicating the plot size required, and providing with copies of the sanction/registration letter and industrial layout plan. After receiving the application BOI provides assistance to get the industrial plot.


Most of the industrial areas/estates are owned/controlled by city development authorities in three divisional headquarters: RAJUK* in Dhaka, CDA* in Chittagong and KDA* in Khulna. Besides these, there are a few industrial estates owned and controlled by some other government agencies, namely (a) Public Works Department and (b) Housing and Settlement Directorate.


BEPZA=Bangladesh export processing zones authority
BSCIC=Bangladesh small and cottage industry corporation
RAJUK=Rajdhani unnayan kartripakkha
CDA=Chittagong development authority
KDA-Khulna development authority