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Name: The IncomeTax Ordinance, 1984
Title: The Income Tax Ordinance, 1984
Act Number: XXXVI of 1984
Summary: This law is related to collection and management of Income-tax matters in Bangladesh.
Ministry: Ministry of Finance
Agency: Internal Resources Division(IRD)
Sub Agency:
Date of Issue: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Monday, 04 June 1984
Date in Force: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Sunday, 01 July 1984
Date expired: Thursday, 01 January 1970
Date of Publishing: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Monday, 04 June 1984
Amendments to this law:
Subordinate Legislations to this law:
(1)Salient features of FY 2010-2011 Budget
(2)Income Tax Explanation of FY 2010-11 Changes
(3)Rate of Income Tax at a Glance
(4)Income Tax Return Fill-up Guideline for Individual Taxpayer
(5)SRO No.263-Law/2010
(6)Citizens Charter of Income Tax
(7)Different Income tax forms
(8)SRO No.028-Law/2010
(9)SRO No.171-Law/2009
(10)SRO No.172-Law/2009
(11)SRO No.090-Law/2009
(12)SRO No.091-Law/2009
(13)SRO No.032-Law/2009
(14)SRO No.016-Law/2009
(15)SRO No.017-Law/2009
(16)SRO No.008-Law/2009
(17)SRO No.316-Law/2008
(18)SRO No.205-Law/2008
(19)SRO No.206-Law/2008
(20)SRO No.207-Law/2008
(21)SRO No.208-Law/2008
(22)SRO No.094-Law/2008
(23)SRO No.092-Law/2008
(24)SRO No.042-Law/2008
(25)SRO No.274-Law/2007
(26)SRO No.155-Law/2007
(27)SRO No.157-Law/2007
(28)SRO No.158-Law/2007
(29)SRO No.159-Law/2007
(30)SRO No.098-Law/2007
(31)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh & USA
(32)Agreement between Bangladesh & Indonesia (SRO No.60-Law/2007)
(33)SRO No.023-Law/2007
(34)SRO No.268-Law/2006
(35)SRO No.232-Law/2006
(36)SRO No.182-Law/2006
(37)SRO No.166-Law/2006
(38)SRO No.168-Law/2006
(39)SRO No.169-Law/2006
(40)SRO No.174-Law/2006
(41)SRO No.170-Law/2006
(42)SRO No.167-Law/2006
(43)SRO No.109-Law/2006
(44)SRO No.024-Law/2006
(45)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh and Norway
(46)SRO No.344-Law/2005
(47)SRO No.343-Law/2005
(48)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh and Turkey
(49)SRO No.216-Law/2005
(50)SRO No.202-Law/2005
(51)SRO No.205- Law/2005
(52)SRO No.206-Law/2005
(53)SRO No.204-Law/2005
(54)SRO No.203-Law/2005
(55)SRO No.201-Law/2005
(56)SRO No.200-Law/2005
(57)SRO No.091-Law/2005
(58)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh and Vietnam
(59)SRO No.218-Law/2004
(60)SRO No.216-Law/2004
(61)SRO No.217-Law/2004
(62)SRO No.219-Law/2004
(63)SRO No.220-Law/2004
(64)SRO No.066-Law/2004
(65)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh and Philippinies
(66)SRO No.243-Law/2003
(67)SRO No.232-Law/2003
(68)SRO No.213-Law/2003
(69)SRO No.214-Law/2003
(70)SRO No.215-Law/2003
(71)SRO No.216-Law/2003
(72)SRO No.217-Law/2003
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(75)SRO No.021-Law/2002
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(79)SRO No.172-Law/2002
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(83)SRO No.181-Law/2002
(84)SRO No.150-Law/2002
(85)SRO No.322-Law/2001
(86)SRO No.245-Law/2001
(87)SRO No.168-Law/2001
(88)SRO No.169-Law/2001
(89)SRO No.298-Law/2000
(90)SRO No.203-Law/2000
(91)SRO No.183-Law/2000
(92)SRO No.127-Law/2000
(93)SRO No.128-Law/2000
(94)SRO No.354-Law/1999
(95)SRO No.335-Law/1999
(96)SRO No.337-Law/1999
(97)SRO No.338-Law/1999
(98)SRO No.221-Law/1999
(99)SRO No.223-Law/1999
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(109)Convention between the Bangladesh and Poland (SRO No.39-Law/1999)
(110)SRO No.017-Law/1999
(111)SRO No.199-Law/1998
(112)SRO No.182-Law/1998
(113)SRO No.181-Law/1998
(114)Convention between the Bangladesh and Belgium (SRO No.11-Law/1998)
(115)SRO No.207-Law/1997
(116)SRO No.191-Law/1997
(117)Convention between Bangladesh and Denmark (SRO No.72-Law/1997)
(118)Convention between Bangladesh and Italy (SRO No.63-Law/1997)
(119)SRO No.036-Law/1997
(120)SRO No.035-Law/1997
(121)SRO No.102-Law/1996
(122)SRO No.150-Law/1995
(123)SRO No.054-Law/1995
(124)SRO No.109-Law/1994
(125)Agreement between Bangladesh and Germany (SRO No.01-Law/1994)
(126)SRO No.208-Law/1993
(127)Convocation between Bangladesh and India (SRO No.45-Law/1993)
(128)SRO No.168-Law/1992
(129)SRO No.057-Law/1992
(130)SRO No.309-Law/1991
(131)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh and Japan
(132)SRO No.201-Law/1991
(133)SRO No.202-Law/1991
(134)SRO No.125-Law/1991
(135)SRO No.362-Law/1990
(136)Double Taxation Avoiding Convention between Bangladesh and Malaysia
(137)SRO No.032-Law/1990
(138)SRO No.326-Law/1989
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(152)SRO No.053-Law/1985
(153)The Income Tax Rules 1984
(154)SRO No.018-Law/1985
(155)SRO No.021-Law/1985
(156)Interpretation for Direct Tax of the Budget 2009-2010