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Name: The Value Added Tax Act,1991
Title: The Value Added Tax Act,1991
Act Number: 22 of 1991
Summary: This law is related to imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services at import stage, manufacturing, wholesale and retails levels across Bangladesh.
Ministry: Ministry of Finance
Agency: Internal Resources Division(IRD)
Sub Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Date of Issue: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Sunday, 30 June 1991
Date in Force: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Monday, 01 July 1991
Date expired: Thursday, 01 January 1970
Date of Publishing: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Sunday, 30 June 1991
Amendments to this law:
Subordinate Legislations to this law:
(1)Citizens Charter of Value Added Tax (VAT)
(2)Value Added Tax at a Glance
(3)The Fixation of VAT (for Services) Rules, 2010
(4)SRO No.205-Law/2010
(5)The VAT (Utse Korton) Rules, 2010
(6)SRO No.027-Law/2010
(7)SRO No.115-Law/2009
(8)SRO No.279-Law/2008
(9)SRO No.158-Law/2008
(10)The Electronic Cash Register (ECR) Rules with Amendments 2008
(11)SRO No.253-Law/2007
(12)The Building Construction & Land Development Service VAT Payment Time and Procedure Fixing Rules , 2007 (SRO No.216-Law/2007 )
(13)SRO No.126-Law/2007
(14)SRO No.128-Law/2007
(15)SRO No.131-Law/2007
(16)The VAT, Supplementary duty and Turnover Tax (Award Granting) Rules, 2007 (SRO No.134-Law/2007)
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(74)The Cigarette Containing Tobacco (Stamp in Packet & Method of Using Band roll) Order, 2001 (SRO No.247-Law/2001)
(75)The Imported & Produced Tobacco Added Cigarette (Stamping in Package or Ban droll using Process) Order, 2001 (SRO No.247-Law/2001)
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