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31 January, 2015
Light Engineering Industrial Town at Bhola

Second week of February, 2015
Macro Economic Policy Convergence

Last week of March, 2015
Road Show in England, Netherlands & France

3rd week of April, 2015
Road Show in Japan


Name: The Investment Board Act, 1989
Title: The Investment Board Act, 1989
Act Number: 17 of 1989
Summary: This law is related to the establishment of the Board of Investment for the purpose of promoting industrial investments and offering facilities and assistance necessary for the establishment of industries in the non-governmental sectors and to promote and facilitate investment both from domestic and overseas sources with a view to contribute to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh.
Ministry: Prime Minister's Office
Agency: Board of Investment (BOI)
Sub Agency:
Date of Issue: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Thursday, 02 March 1989
Date in Force: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Thursday, 22 December 1988
Date expired: Thursday, 01 January 1970
Date of Publishing: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Thursday, 02 March 1989
Amendments to this law:
Subordinate Legislations to this law: