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31 January, 2015
Light Engineering Industrial Town at Bhola

Second week of February, 2015
Macro Economic Policy Convergence

Last week of March, 2015
Road Show in England, Netherlands & France

3rd week of April, 2015
Road Show in Japan


Name: The Depository Act, 1999
Title: The Depository Act, 1999
Act Number: 06 of 1999
Summary: This law is related to the regulation of the Depository established for saving, giving effect of the transfer and writing the securities.
Ministry: Ministry of Finance
Agency: Finance Division
Sub Agency:
Date of Issue: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Thursday, 01 January 1970
Date in Force: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Tuesday, 01 August 2000
Date expired: Thursday, 01 January 1970
Date of Publishing: Wednesday, 19 April 1950Tuesday, 13 April 1999
Amendments to this law:
Subordinate Legislations to this law: